Singer-songwriter show suffers in Sky secrecy shenanigans
Confidence / April 2014

CONFIDENCE Broadcasting   By Darren Meale This one is about the purported misuse of confidential information in the idea for yet another musical talent show. Winning the year’s recording contract is BSkyB, who was found to have acquired confidential information but not misused it. Voted off in the High Court were Wade and Perry, two individuals working in the music industry who unsuccessfully represented themselves at trial. The case is (1) Brian Wade (2) Geraldine Perry V British Sky Broadcasting Limited [2014] EWHC 634 and although Simon Cowell has nothing to do with it he still gets a mention in the judgment.   It’s time! to face! the music! In 2006, Wade and Perry came up with the idea for an X-Factor type show in which contestants performed their own original material, rather than covers. Following each episode, this material would be available for download so that, if popular, it would make the charts. In other ways the format was very familiar: start with auditions and then whittle down to the record label-winning contestant. It would be called “The Real Deal”. In 2009, they pitched the idea to Sky using a deck of PowerPoint slides. Sky made all the right…