India’s police bemoan ineffective piracy laws

May 2011

Film and television, sound recordings

The Deccan Chronicle reports on police comments  that Indian the law tackling the DVD and CD piracy lacks teeth with a police spokesperson saying “We keep on arresting vendors and distributors of pirated CDs and DVDs but most of them get bails on the same day. As this piracy is an organized operation, use of the provisions of Goonda Act might prove useful in dealing with the issue,” they say. Police recently arrested 10 vendors and seized more than 7,000 pirated CDs in Aluva but the accused were bailed the same day by the magistrates court. The vendors are booked under sections of Indian Copyright Act, 1957 (for CD or DVD piracy) and if a computer is used in the crime, sections of The Information Technology Act, 2,000 are added to the case. However sub-Inspector  Mohammed Nissar said “what normally happens is that the accused would claim before the magistrate that the CDs don’t belong to them. As it’s difficult to prove otherwise, they get bail”  Police officials point out that use of provisions of The Kerala Anti-Social Activities (Prevention) Act, 2007, widely known as Goonda Act, could give a boost to tackle CD piracy as it is not easy to get bail under the Act.

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