The Vase against IsoHunt by Jeff Gray

April 2011


On its cluttered home page, Vancouver-based doesn’t exactly look like a mortal threat to the multibillion-dollar movie and recording industries. One of its small number of rotating ads offers communication with “Busty Russians,” just a click away. But in fact, this is one of the Web’s most-used search engines for BitTorrent, or “peer-to-peer” files, which people use to find free digital copies of movies and music. More on legal actions against IsoHunt in the USA – where in 2009, a California judge sided with Columbia Pictures and other Hollywood studios in a lawsuit against the site, saying isoHunt violated U.S. copyright laws – and in Canada where the site is locked in a court battle with the Canadian Recording Industry Association (CRIA) and major record labels, which are demanding it be shut down.

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