Apple apps deal sparks prompts thoughts of anti-trust lawsuits

March 2011


Apple’s announcement that it would take a 30% commission for all sales of content made through its apps subscription system has prompted talk of anti-trust law suits from online operators such as Rhapsody. Any subscription-based app made available via Apple’s store will have to offer customers the option to pay for their subscriptions via the Apple platform at the same price as if they chose to have a direct billing relationship with the service provider.  It would be a brave content owner who walked away from Apple’s iPad and  iPhone customers ….. although if enough did it might be the start of something very interesting if Google’s Android system and the new Microsoft/Nokia conglomerate started to pick up annoyed content owners – and it seems a few might – Google has announced a payment system that allows newspaper publishers t charge readers ti access online content –and Google will take just 10% of these micropayments. In the UK Associated newspapers have signed up as have Spain’s El Pais and in Germany Tomorrow Focus and are both on board. According to various reports, officials at the US Department Of Justice have approached both affected content providers and Apple to discuss the IT giant’s new system and in Europe Billboard reports that the European Commission confirmed that competition officials there were monitoring the situation, but added that no formal inquiry is likely at present in the fledgling market for apps.

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