EU Commissioner calls for one-stop digital licensing

March 2011

Music publishing, record labels

Neelie Kroes, the EU’s Commissioner, has called on content owners of Europe to construct a “simple, consumer-friendly legal framework” for making digital content available across the Union. Speaking at an event in London alongside the bosses of Amazon and BT, and the government’s culture minister Ed Vaizey, Kroes said that the traditional content industries had not developed their licensing models fast enough to cope with the new demands of internet services.  She told the event: “Digitisation has fundamentally changed content industries, but licensing models simply have not kept up with this. National licensing can create a series of Berlin cultural walls. The price, both in pounds and frustration, is all too real, as creators are stifled and consumers are left empty-handed. It is time for this dysfunction to end. We need a simple, consumer-friendly legal framework for making digital content available across borders in the EU”.

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