Talk Talk top poor customer service chart

January 2011

Internet, mobiles

Talk Talk, have come top of the Times’ league table of worst customer service. “Our Scrooge of the Year award goes to ‘bullying’ Talk Talk” puts the poor level customer service from the phone and broadband service provider  as the worst in the UK ahead of other woeful efforts from Santander, Easyjet, Paypal and the UK tax authority, HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC). Would that be the same Talk Talk who joined BT is asking for a judicial review of the UK’s three strikes law enshrined in the Digital Economy Act – because the Act fails to meet current EC rules on data protection and privacy (alongside complaints that the legislation was rushed, that it might fail to comply with current European e-commerce regulations and fourthly that that it lacks proportionality’). Talk Talk – a friend of the consumer? Really????

The Times Saturday December 18th 2010

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