Newzbin back in the UK courts

January 2011


The US based Motion Picture Association (MPA) has filed a complaint that would compel ISP BT to block UK  users from accessing Newzbin2, a site that indexes media files available for download on Usenet, TorrentFreak reports. The MPA had previously won a UK High Court victory that resulted in the shutdown of the original Newzbin. Now a similar index, Newzbin2, has since sprung up online. The MPA is citing 8.3 of the European Union Copyright Directive (Section 87A CDPA 1988), which “has been used successfully in Denmark to block rogue sites hosting illegal material, with further cases pending in Germany, Holland and Belgium.”  But has not been used against internet intermediaries before in the UK. Newzbin said it intends to contest the action and that it is not connected with Newzbin2.

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