Early Law Hadopi results disappoint French music industry

January 2011

Record labels, internet

In October France’s “Creation and Internet” law formally went into effect but Jared Moya at ZeroPaid reports that it seems that it has yet to warn as many suspected file-sharers as the music industry had hoped. The French “three-strikes” measure to fight P2P in that was first proposed back in June of 2008. The Director General of the French record labels trade body David El Sayegh said the music industry has already been identifying and submitting to the  the HADOPI Agency the IP addresses of more than 25,000 suspected file-sharers per day, and recently raised their daily submission to 50,000, but it appears that HADOPI is so far only notifying a mere 2,000 IP addresses per day – just  4% of what the music hoped for. The Ministry of Culture had said that it hopes to send at least 10,000 warning letters per day.

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