Google moves to combat online piracy

January 2011


Google has announced a number of new initiatives it says will help combat copyright infringement online, including a new promise of 24-hour turnaround on takedown requests, and preventing terms associated with piracy from appearing in its “autocomplete” search results. ”

Google general counsel Kent Walker said “We respond expeditiously to requests to remove [infringing] content from our services, and have been improving our procedures over time. But as the Web grows, and the number of requests grows with it, we are working to develop new ways to better address the underlying problem”. The company said it will build tools to improve the submission process for Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) takedown requests, and reduce its average response time to under 24 hours, while also improving tools for those who believe content was removed in error to file a “counter-notice.”

Google also promised to improve its AdSense anti-piracy review, and expel infringing sites making money off infringing content from AdSense and also said that it will experiment to make authorised preview content more readily accessible in its search results. Frances Moore, chief executive of IFPI, which represents the recorded music industry worldwide said “Google’s announcement is a very positive step in helping tackle the huge problem of online piracy in order to grow the legitimate music business. Google and other intermediaries have a pivotal role in creating an online environment where the rights of artists and creators are respected and effectively enforced. We look forward to seeing the concrete actions that will result from this welcome announcement.”

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