Swift faces action by ex-manager

November 2010


Taylor Swift’s one-time manager, Dan Dymtrow has filed a lawsuit against the popular US singer, her father-manager and her record label Big Machine. Dymtrow worked with Swift back in 2004 on her early recordings but was fired by Swift’s father  in July 2005 ahead of him signing his daughter to country indie Big Machine. Dymtrow claims that Taylor Swift’s father conspired to cheat him out of millions of dollars earned by launching the Grammy-winning country star because he discovered Swift, signed her in April 2004 when she was 14 and played a key role in building her career before being dumped in July 2005. |he argues that his management deals with Swift and parents Scott and Andrea Swift provided that he be paid between 5 percent and 10 percent commission (or more) from Taylor’s music career but that after developing Swift and introducing her to industry heavyweights like Big Machine CEO Scott Borchetta, he was strung along by the family and then fired to avoid paying him. In response, the Swifts claim that because Dymtrow failed to obtain the required court approval of his management contract with Taylor, then a minor, she legally disaffirmed the deal in 2005, months before she signed the Big Machine deal and a full year before she released her debut single. The two sides have been battling quietly since 2007, when Dymtrow, who also has represented Britney Spears, sued Taylor Swift and her parents, claiming they breached a management contract by paying him only $10,000 for his work launching Taylor’s career. In March, U.S. District Judge Richard Sullivan dismissed six of Dymtrow’s seven claims against the Swifts and Big Machine, leaving an unjust-enrichment claim against the Swifts intact.http://www.torontosun.com/entertainment/music/2010/10/08/15638491.html

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