Bieber and Gaga no amused by comics, and sex dolls

October 2010


A comic book version of Justin Bieber’s life has irked the diminutive star. Unlike recently announced bio-pic film and photo-book projects, this output isn’t officially sanctioned. Now the comic’s publisher, Bluewater Productions, is being threatened with legal action by a lawyer representing both Bieber and Lady Gaga, who also had her life turned into a comic strip by the company back in June. According to WENN, lawyer Kenneth Feinswog has served the company with a cease-and-desist letter, threatening to take the matter to court, but the publisher is refusing to cease production, claiming it is well within its rights to produce the books. Bluewater’s Darren G Davis said: “We are 100% within our first amendment rights. We knew our rights on this before we jumped into the biography world. These are 100% biographies on their lives. We reach out to all the celebrities and some choose to work with us and some do not. If they do choose to work with us, we donate ads and money to a non-profit [organisation] of their choice. We offered the same deal to Bieber’s people”.
Lady Gaga has also threatened legal action against a sex doll company for likewise using her image without licence. According to reports, Pipedream Products Inc have been forced to take the Gaga-style doll off their website after receiving a cease and desist letter. In a similar move US reality TV star Kim Kardashian has also got her lawyers to take action against the same company in relation to their Kinky Kim Filthy Love. A Pipedream spokesman told “The similarity between the Kinky Kim doll and Ms Kardashian is purely coincidental”.
CMU Daily 7th and 20th September 2010

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