Plastic Bertrand never sang on his biggest hit

September 2010

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Belgian performer Plastic Bertrand, whose real name is Roger Jouret, has admitted that he was not the singer on his 1977 hit ‘Ça Plane Pour Moi’. French composer and producer Lou Deprijck has long claimed that his was actually the voice on the track and now expert evidence presented to a Belgian court has confirmed this – with a linguist commissioned by the judge saying that the person who sang the song did so in a specific regional accent of northern France (where Deprijck comes) which could not have been replicated by Belgian-born Jouret. The judgement read: “The way the phrases end on each record show that the song could only have been sung by a Ch’ti – otherwise known as someone from the Picard region of France. It could therefore not have been Plastic Bertrand – who was born in Brussels – and was surely Mr Deprijck”. That said, it appears that in 2006, the Brussels Court of Appeal had already ruled that, although Deprijck may indeed have been the person who sang the vocals, Jouret was the “legal performer” of the song because his face had appeared on the single’s artwork and he signed the original record contract with AMC. It was this ruling which prompted Deprijck to record a 2006 version of the track to prove he was the real vocalist. Jouret has pointed out that the ruling has little economic impact because Deprijck was already collecting most of the royalties from the song anyway.

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