Barbican nightclub loses late night licence

August 2010

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A nightclub which kept Barbican residents in London awake into the early hours of the morning at weekends has had its licensed hours cut back and must now close at midnight at weekends. The decision to cut opening times at Parker McMillan club was taken at a packed Islington Licensing Committee meeting and comes after a campaign by local residents who complained of suffering sleepless nights had “called in” the club’s licence for review. They were able to do this under powers in the 2003 Licensing Act. The council’s noise team received 43 complaints about the club over three years. It visited the premises and complainants on 22 occasions. “The frequency of complaints has increased each year,” said a report.  “The current premises are not protecting the neighbouring residents from noise disturbance.”  The committee meeting was shown dramatic film, taken by Islington’s noise patrol and the residents.  It showed what was claimed to have been customers from the club milling about outside at 3.30am and 4.15am and creating a “cacophony” of noise – laughter, shrieks, car horns and animated conversation. It was claimed much of the din could be heard in flats nearby. One leading opponent, retired director of the Government’s Countryside Agency, David Coleman, who lives on the 23rd floor of a tower block, conceded that the club had attempted to reduce noise levels but he said the measures were not really working.

The Licensing Committee ruled that the Chiswell Street club must close at midnight on Fridays and Saturdays – instead of 3am or 4am – and at 11pm during the week instead of midnight. The club have the opportunity to appeal to the Magistrates Court.

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