Juke Box pirates get custodial sentences

August 2010

Record labels

Record label trade body the BPI and collecting society PPL have welcomed the custodial sentences handed down to the three men who ran that previously reported jukebox racket in the North East. Malcolm Wylie, his son Peter Wylie and William Ross, were arrested in 2008 for their role in running an unlicensed jukebox company operating in the Newcastle area called Access All Areas. For seven years the three men implied to their clients that they ran a legit jukebox service, but they pocketed over half of million in revenues that should have gone to PPL and onto the owners of the sound recordings being played. They were found guilty of copyright crimes in March and sentenced for those crimes last week. Malcolm Wylie got three years and was banned from being a company director for ten. His son Peter will spend fifteen months in prison, while Ross got 36 weeks. When sentencing, Judge Guy Whitburn reportedly said that “a clearer more flagrant breach of copyright law is hard to find”.http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/hr/content_display/news/e3if93da65e51c14c3db4702feb44978573

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