Canadian record industry faces piracy claim

January 2010

Music Publishing, record labels

The major labels in Canada are facing an unprecedented legal action for infringement of copyright – yes, you read that correctly: “The infringed party in this particular case consists of, among others, Chet Baker, a leading jazz musician in the 1950s, who played various instruments and died in 1988. His legacy is maintained by his estate, which owns the copyright on 50 of his works. The infringing party has already admitted the infringing behaviour, meaning they owe at least 50 million USD. Now, here’s the real shocker: the infringing party is none other than… The Canadian music industry: Warner Music Canada, Sony BMG Music Canada, EMI Music Canada, and Universal Music Canada – the four main members of the Canadian Recording Industry Association.” The case revolves around apparent uncompensated use of musical compositions on compilation albums.

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