PPL to appeal Copyright Tribunal ‘one size fits all’ decision

November 2009

Record labels

PPL have said they will appeal the Copyright Tribunal’s ruling on the disagreement between the recording royalty collecting society and the pub industry over how much bars, shops, cafes and offices should pay to play recorded music in their establishments. PPL say they are disappointed with the Tribunal’s decision, which sets a standard rate for all businesses who play recorded music in public places, and that they will appeal the ruling in the High Court. Responding to the decision this morning, PPL boss Fran Nevrkla told CMU: “We are extremely disappointed by the decision of the Tribunal which, even by its own admission, is ‘ill-equipped’ to perform its new investigatory role. The Tribunal has failed to have proper regard for the real value of music to businesses, ignoring PPL’s extensive consultation with licensees. On behalf of our 42,000 performer and 5,000 record company members, many of whom themselves are small businesses, we are appealing this decision in the High Court”.
He continue: “The Tribunal’s ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, which was proposed by the hospitality industry, is particularly unfair to small pubs and shops that in future would pay exactly the same as much larger businesses. Despite a total absence of opposition to PPL’s tariff for factories and offices, the Tribunal has completely overturned that tariff, ignoring the clear views of respondents to PPL’s consultations”.
www.thecmuwebsite.com 22nd October 2009

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