Republicans settle with Browne

August 2009

Artists, advertising

Singer songwriter Jackson Browne has accepted an apology and a financial settlement from Republican presidential candidate John McCain after Browne’s “Running On Empty” was used in the US presidential campaign. Browne had been seeking damages of $75,000 after his song was used without permission in an online advert that sought to undermine Barrack Obama’s suggestion that having properly inflated tyres would result in lower fuel consumption in cars. McCain said in a statement: “We apologise that a portion of the Jackson Browne song ‘Running On Empty’ was used without permission”. In response, Browne, a staunch Democrat, said “this settlement is really a great affirmation of what I believed my rights to be, and all writers’ rights to be. One would hope that a presidential candidate would not only know the law but respect it. It was a matter of bringing that issue to bear”. A number of other artists including Foo Fighters, Heart and John Mellencamp have complained about having their songs used without permission during McCain’s campaign although action will not lie where songs are merely used at rallies at properly licensed theatres and other venues.

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