Iranian musicians condemn copyright infringement

January 2009

Music publishing

From the Tehran Times

A meeting on the infringement and limitation of intellectual ownership rights in Iran was held on the sidelines at the December 12-16 Fajr International Music Festival at the Iranian Artists Forum. At the conference, the head of Hermes Music Recording Company Ramin Sediqi identified a number of issues said that that sometimes artists make false claims about their production and sometimes they are unaware of the rights they have concerning their works. Pointing to the composition “Kalider,” which was inspired by Mahmud Dowlatabadi’s renowned novel of the same title, Sediqi lamented that some artists accused “Kalidar” composer Mohammadreza Darvishi of plagiarism. “In music, we are permitted to draw inspirations from books if we do not use specific words from the work and do not quote any part of it in our musical composition”. Legal expert Hassan Mirhosseini also attended the seminar and said that the law protecting intellectual property rights, whose penalty for those convicted is three years in prison, was approved by the Iranian parliament in 1970 but pointed out that there were major problems with enforcement in Iran with a lack of effective sanctions and official organization to prosecute offenders. He added that “people are generally unaware of these laws” snf stressed the importance of Iran joining the international copyright treaties, which will not only force individuals to shoulder their responsibility for intellectual property rights but also Iran’s government. 

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