Madonna claims five million pounds for privacy breach

January 2009


Madonna is demanding £5 million from the Mail On Sunday after they published photos of her wedding to Guy Ritchie which had been “deviously” copied at her Beverly Hills home. CMU Daily report that the Mail published photos of the Madonna/Ritchie wedding in early October as the couple began divorce proceedings. No photos of the 2000 wedding at Skibo Castle in Scotland had ever been previously released and only photographer Jean-Baptiste Mondino took photos at the event, and the only copies of his pictures were given to the couple. Madonna seemingly kept her wedding album at her Beverley Hills home. It’s alleged that an interior designer working at the singer’s property found the album and took photos of the photos. It was those that were sold to the Mail. Madonna has sued for breach of privacy and copyright and her lawyer told the court that the pictures of a “wholly private” event were copied and supplied “surreptitiously”, and that the tabloid had “ambushed” his client by publishing the photos without first approaching her about them, because they knew if they did she’d seek an injunction to stop their publication. The quantum claimed is likely to raise eyebrows and has yet to be decided by Mr Justice Eady. Whilst the Sun paid out £1 million to Elton John in 1987 after publishing a false story about the star and rent boys, libel case damages are now more restrained in the new Millennium and pay outs and settlements in privacy cases tend to be lower – the recent privacy-based legal dispute between the News Of The World and Max Mosley over sex and bondage sessions resulted in record damages being paid to the Formula One chief, but that was just £60,000.

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