UK CD Pirate jailed for three years

October 2008

Record labels

A UK man has been jailed for three years after running a bootleg CD business from his South East London home, in which he counterfeited all kinds of goods, including CDs, DVDs and video games, and then sold them via a website and eBay pretending they were the legitimate. Neil Norton was tracked down as the result of a three-year investigation involving Lewisham Council, Bromley Police, the Federation Against Copyright Theft and record label trade body the BPI. It’s estimated he made up to £850,000 as a result of his counterfeiting over an eight year period, funds which helped him buy the Porsche, BMW, personalised number plates, cameras and computer equipment found at his home – belongings the authorities will now seek to confiscate. A destruction order will also be sought to enable all the remaining counterfeit goods, which include fake designer label clothes as well as the CDs and DVDs, to be destroyed.

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