Police investigate cheeky buttock act in Keswick

September 2008

Live event industry

Two street entertainers could face prosecution after the mayor of Keswick accused them of going “beyond public decency” with their act in the Lake District town’s Market Square. Police acted following complaints from councillor Roger Purkiss. The two men, who are from Bristol and who say they are circus trained begin their act in trousers and T-shirts and perform an acrobatic act that ends up with them wearing just thongs and socks, putting lighted torches down their thongs and as a finale sticking lit sparklers between their buttocks and doing hand stands. Their 20-minute act attracted over 100 spectators earlier this week, some of them children, and stunts included blowing up a rubber glove on their heads then bursting it with a torch. Cllr Purkiss claims the act is disgraceful behaviour and very distasteful – it perhaps wouldn’t be out of place in an adult nightclub but not on the streets of the town in frnt of families wit children …. and not what a Lakeland tourist town is all about’. A police spokesman told the Lake District Herald that a decision on whether they were to be charged with a public order offence would be made by the Crown Prosecution Service. A voluntary street entertainment code of conduct was set up two years ago in Keswick, but traders say it is not working. There have been a number of complaints during the summer about entertainers blocking entrances to shops and the Moot Hall. Local authorities with responsibility for Market Square have been trying to reach agreement on some sort of licensing scheme for a number of years, but traders complain nothing happens. A meeting between Cumbria County Council, Allerdale Borough Council, the Lake District National Park Authority and local police has been arranged for October 3 rd 2008.

Lake District Herald Saturday 23 rd August 2008


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