Pirate Bay to fight Italian ban

September 2008


The BitTorrent tracking website The Pirate Bay has decided to fight the Italian government’s recent move to have it blocked in Italy by all ISPs in the country. The site has filed an appeal against the decree, which was passed by an Italian court earlier this month alongside advice to consumers on how to use technological means to sidestep the ban. The Pirate Bay’s lawyers Giovanni Battista Gallus and Francesco Micozzi told TorrentFreak: “The decree can be defined as ‘original’ or ‘creative’ at best. Even the judge who issued the decree states that no infringing material is hosted on The Pirate Bay, which provides just a tracker search engine. The judge tries to ‘create’ a sort of contributory infringement accusation against The Pirate Bay. We will bring all our arguments before the Tribunal, and we are confident of the Tribunal’s decision”.

CMU Daily 22 August 2008 www.cmumusicnetwork.co.uk

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