Loud reggae nights lead to criminal conviction

August 2008

Live event industry 

A Bradford businessman has been given a conditional discharge and ordered to pay costs of £2,291.60 over noise complaints. Nirmal Singh MBE, who owns Marlborough Hall, a former cinema in Carlisle Road, Manningham, was charged with failing to comply with a noise abatement order which Bradford Council served in June 2006 after reggae nights led to complaints from a number of residents that the loud drum beats were making it “impossible” for them to sleep and in one case, left the householder’s floor thumping. Magistrates heard that Singh, 56, had been repeatedly warned about the complaints and that the Council would take action if he did nothing to prevent the noise nuisance continuing. It was accepted that Singh did not promote the reggae nights but as the venue owner had failed to rake action to prevent the nuisance. Singh pleased guilty to three charges. The reggae nights have now been stopped.


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