Market owners prosecuted for allowing the sale of counterfeit goods

April 2008

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Following in from our top story physical piracy, the owners of an open air market in Bovingdon, Hertfordshire have been ordered to pay over a total of £300,000 after being found guilty of allowing and profiting from the sale of counterfeit goods at their market. Wendy Fair Markets Ltd and its directors Nicholas Hobday and Sally Ward were ordered to pay back the £250,000 in rent money it was estimated they had taken off the owners of market stalls that sold pirated goods, and pay it, in addition to £50,000 in legal fees, back to the intellectual property industries that had lost out because of the bootlegger in the first time the owners of a market that enables bootleggers to reach their customers have been successfully prosecuted for IP crimes. It is hoped the ruling will make other market owners more vigilant in ensuring the stalls they host do not violate any intellectual property rights. Elsewhere in anti-piracy news, two Scottish music pirates have been ordered to pay £400,000 under the Proceeds Of Crime Act, a verdict which labels hope will deter others from getting involved in the illegal distribution and sale of bootleg CDs. The two men, Peter Cruickshank of Glasgow and Wilfred Siddle of Dundee, were found guilty of copyright offences at Stranraer Sheriff Court last week, and were ordered to pay back the vast wealth they had amassed by trading in counterfeit goods. In China the Intermediate People’s Court in Dongguan City (southern Guangdong Province) has held a five-star hotel responsible for leasing space to a seller of counterfeit Louis Vuitton products (whose shop staff wore hotel uniform!). The hotel was ordered to pay 100,000 yuan (US$ 13,888) together with the shop manager. manager. Injunctive relief and destruction of infringing products was also ordered. No public apology was however ordered, on the basis that the hotel hadn’t caused the brand widespread market harm.

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