High School Musical star’s claim to avoid contract signed as a minor goes to trial

January 2008


A lawyer who claims “High School Musical” lead Vanessa Hudgens owes him $150,000 in legal fees can proceed with his lawsuit against the teen star, a US judge has ruled. Superior Court Judge Tricia Ann Bigelow said she or a jury should decide whether the actress acted within a reasonable period of time when she waited two years to repudiate a contract she signed when she was 16. Attorney Brian Schall filed a breach-of-contract lawsuit in September that said Hudgens agreed in October 2005 to pay him 5 percent of her earnings in exchange for his legal representation. Hudgens earned more than $5 million with his help, Schall says in his lawsuit. Hudgens disavowed the agreement on October the 9th and she turns 19 later this month: her current attorney argues that state law provides that a contract with a minor can be voided before the person turns 18 or “within a reasonable time afterward.”


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