Indian Label gets order against YouTube

December 2007


One of India’s biggest record and movie companies, Mumbai-based Super Cassettes Industries Ltd, has told local media that it has obtained a court order that prohibits YouTube India from carrying any of its music or videos. The order follows legal action taken by SCIL against YouTube and its parent Google earlier in the year. SCIL said in a statement this weekend: “The business model of YouTube allows, encourages and profits from use of copyrighted work uploaded on the website without obtaining any license or permission from the rightful copyright owners and without paying them any royalty”. The company’s MD, Bhushan Kumar, added: “There are websites that encourage unlicensed sharing and distribution of copyright content, which is a new form of piracy in the digital medium. Copyright is the engine of creative output of popular content. We have to ensure that the incentive to create and distribute popular content is protected from these large corporations, which are trying to profit by destroying the value of the hard work of thousands of artists, for whom their creative output is perhaps their only source of livelihood”.
CMU Daily 12 November 2007

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