MTV v MTV – TV stations fight for same name in Hungary

December 2007


Variety reports that youth favourite MTV is facing legal action from national broadcaster MTV – with the latter’s long established name standing for Magyar Televizio. Magyar has survived the Soviet occupation and an insurrection of rioters but has been forced to issue legal proceedings to stop Viacom’s MTV from using the acronym in Hungary where Magyar Televizio’s MTV has been a weighty brand in Hungary for the past 50 years. The 1956, revolution began outside the offices of Magyar Radio, which spawned Magyar Televizio a year later. Pitched battles between Hungarian freedom fighters and Red Army soldiers took place at Szabadsag Square ( Freedom Square), where the broadcaster is now housed.

An interesting parallel with the ‘East meets West’ battle of trade marks is Anheuser -Busch’s fight to establish the Budweiser trademark in the face of strong opposition from the Czech Brewery Budejovicky Budvar NP who produce Budweiser Budvar lager.

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