Licensing Act criticised by Local Authority

October 2007

Live event industry

Councillors have expressed their concerns over the provisions of the Licensing Act 2003 after the small three day Echo music festival went ahead under the provisions of the Act by using a Temporary Event Notice (TEN). TENS were introduced to streamline the licensing of small one off events. This event was held on private farmland. Neither the Local Authority nor local residents are entitled to object to a TEN under the current legislation – only the police can object on grounds of preventing crime and disorder and then only within 48 hours of receiving the notice. This type of licence can only be used for numbers not exceeding 499 persons – including staff and performers. With Echo, the council did serve a pre-emptive noise abatement order on festival organisers. Comments from councillors included that neighbours were unhappy at not being consulted and were worried about traffic, noise and safety and that the Act was “yet again, another example of this ridiculous legislation introduced by this Government.”

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