New Zealand to legislate for music private use exemption

September 2007

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New Zealand has put forward proposed law changes will make it legal to copy music for personal use but the exemption will not extend to television programmes and films which will still only able to be kept for “time shifting” purposes – to be watched at the viewers convenience – and must be then erased. In New Zealand it is currently illegal to copy music from a CD or tape to another device such as an iPod or an MP3 player. But The New Zealand Parliament’s commerce select committee has changed the Copyright (NewTechnologiesBill to make it legal to “format shift” – or copy – music from a CD to other devices if it is for personal use. The committee has not changed the current law which allows home videotaping from TV, but only if programmes are kept for “no longer than is reasonably necessary for viewing … at a more convenient time”. That provision will remain. MPs on the committee have specified that copying DVDs or videotapes onto a device such as an iPod should not be permitted.

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