Zeppelin bootlegger pleads guilty R v Langley

September 2007

Record labels

Robert Langley, “one of Europe’s most notorious music pirates” and also known as ‘Mr Toad” has pleaded guilty to selling bootlegged recordings of Led Zeppelin gigs after a Glasgow court heard evidence from guitarist Jimmy Page. Langley pleaded guilty to two copyright and three trade mark infringements. He was sentenced to twenty months is custody.  Giving evidence, Page testified that he had not authorised the recordings, which he said were of poor quality. He also drew a distinction between fans who swapped recordings and professional bootleggers, such as Langley . Langley sold discs featuring illegal recordings of live gigs for between £6 and £300 on his own Silver Rarities and Langley Masters labels. He was arrested by Strathclyde Police after a BPI-organised anti-piracy raid on his stall at a Scottish record fair in February 2005. The seizure of CDs and DVDs included counterfeit Led Zeppelin material valued at an estimated £11,500, a £220 set of recordings from a Led Zeppelin tour in Japan and a £40 set of a warm-up session in Denmark . It also included an estimated £1,790 of pirated Rolling Stones recordings and a cache of Beatles music valued at £885. Langley also faces another hearing under the Proceeds of Crime Act in which prosecutors are expected to seek the confiscation of almost £250,000 he’s estimated to have made from music piracy.


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