RIAA adds 23 more colleges to hit list but admits that law suits are not the only answer

August 2007

Record labels, internet

The Recording Industry Association of America has added another 23 universities and colleges to its hit list of institutions whose students are targeted for pre-litigation settlement letters but has neatly avoided a row with Harvard by omitting the Ivy League University where Professor John Palfrey has been critical of the trade association’s actions. However the RIAA has acknowledged that lawsuits are “not the answer” but a “necessary part of the bigger equation”. A spokesman for the RIAA added that whilst lawsuits grabbed headlines “ what is the most important anti-piracy strategy is aggressive licensing and offering great legal alternatives. That is what our member companies obviously do and our job is to complement that, which is the most important thing to do to win over fans”. According to the latest statistics from the RIAA, there were over 7.8 million households in March 2007 in the U.S. that illegally downloaded music versus 6.9 million households in April 2003, when the litigation campaign began. Whilst litigation may seem to have had little effect it should be noted that broadband penetration in the U.S. has also more than doubled since 2003.



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