Majors to take action against

January 2007


Not unsurprisingly Universal, EMI, Warners and SonyBMG have taken legal action against rogue Russian download site They have filed a copyright infringement suit in New York against Mediaservices and which seeks more than $1 trillion in damages. The labels have accused the Russian download site of being a “notorious online black market” and a “poster child” for Internet music piracy. is thought to be the world’s highest-volume online seller of unlicensed music, with 5.5M subscribers and an annual revenue of $30M. The US has already made its closure a condition for negotiations with Russia on joining the World Trade Agreement. claims to pay royalties to Roms, but the music industry argues that it has “no rights… whatsoever” to collect royalties. Both Visa and MasterCard have previously stopped all card payments to the site:

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