Buffet fights online merchandisers

December 2006


Country Singer Jimmy Buffett has filed law suit asking a U.S. federal judge to stop a Web site operator from infringing Buffett’s trademarks. The lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in Galveston, Texas, accused Robert Akard of operating a Web site, underonehut.com, which sells Buffett-trademarked items without permission. Buffett, one of the biggest selling artists in the world, won a previous court order in Nevada, but it “wasn’t comprehensive enough” and Akard has since surfaced in New York, Florida and Texas, Buffet’s lawyer alleges. Buffett complains that Akard advertises as “Jimmy Buffett’s Online Store for Merchandise,” and sells T-shirts, music CDs and other items that Buffett sells himself. Buffett is asking a judge to order Akard to stop using the singer’s name and likeness, account for his profits, turn infringing goods over to Buffett and pay unspecified damages.


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