Court Rules Google’s use of trademarks as keywords is non-infringing

November 2006


A federal judge in New York has just ruled that Google’s practice of selling trademarks as keywords that trigger links to particular Web sites other than those of the trademark holders does not constitute infringement because Google does not actually “use” the trademarks within the meaning of the law. This ruling was entered on September 28 by Norman Mordue, the Chief Judge of the United States District Court for the Northern District of New York in the case Rescuecom Corporation v. Google, Inc. Judge Mordue granted a motion by Google and dismissed Rescuecom’s complaint which alleged trademark infringement with respect to Google’s selling of the trademark “Rescuecom” to Rescuecom’s competitors as a keyword that triggers the appearance to the competitors Web sites among the search results of Internet users when they enter “Rescuecom” in the Google Internet search engine. Written by Eric Sinrod of Duane Morris LLP. For more information please see

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