Plagiarism case against Beyonce fails

November 2006

Music Publishing

A US judge has dismissed a copyright infringement lawsuit against Beyonce Knowles filed last year by singer songwriter Jennifer Armour. Armour claimed that Beyonce’s 2003 hit ‘Baby Boy’ included lyrics from her song ‘Got A Little Bit Of Love For You’. Armour said that the Destiny’s Child singer had had access to her song because her former manager had provided a copy of it to executives at Beyonce’s record label, Columbia. Key people at Atlantic Records, who represented Sean Paul, Knowles’ collaborator on the track, had also been sent a copy. This type of claim is why more and more record labels, music publishers and management companies are refusing to accept unsolicited demos and tracks – returning them unopened to songwriters and artists. However, whether or not Knowles had ever heard Armour’s track was not, in the end, relevant because the court undertook a ‘side-by-side’ comparison of the two songs – the basic test in any copyright infringement case of this kind – and from that they ruled that the songs were
“substantially dissimilar”, leading to Armour’s case being dismissed.
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