Intellectual Property licensing issues in bankruptcy or insolvency

September 2006

Artists, record labels, music publishers
From the Intellectual Property Institute of Canada

This is a link to the very comprehensive 2003 Report by the Intellectual Property Institute of Canada which investigates the thorny issue of ownership and exploitation of intellectual property rights when one party in a contractual relationship is declared bankrupt or insolvent. Whilst primarily looking at Canadian law, relevant laws from the United States, The United Kingdom and Australia are also commented on. The report covers patents, copyrights (including moral rights) and trade marks. Whilst over 170 pages long may be of particular interest to lawyers and managers who represent recording artists and songwriters who sometimes wonder what they can do about unpaid royalties which have disappeared into the ether after the bankruptcy of a recording label or music publisher or find that their A&R manager is now an accountant!

For a brief synopsis of UK and Australian law see pp86-87.

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