Publicans fear that the Scottish Executive wants unhealthy bar food banned

June 2006

Live event industry

Whilst Scotland can learns from the Licensing Act mistakes in England, the downside is that Scottish legislators have even more time to dream up new restrictions and rules – the dreaded initiatives that are seizing up so much of life – in education – in health – in the legal system – and now in entertainment. If it was April 1 st I am sure I would have thought the following was a joke – but its not. The Scotsman reports that ‘Advisers’ to the Scottish Executive have come up with a new way of promoting healthy eating using the new licensing powers – by banning ‘unhealthy’ food such as pies and chips food in licensed premises – meaning customers only have a ‘healthy’ option. So is it goodbye to personal choice, fun and rock n roll and hello to smoke free, noise limited, salad bar nanny state gigs, festivals and venues in the future? Who will rid us of these turbulent advisors!!!


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