Apple face new patent claim

May 2006


More fun for Apple (computers)! Added to the trade mark claim from Apple Corp, M&C Tech report that Inc. has filed a counterclaim against the computer company alleging that Apple’s iTunes Music Store, iTunes software, iPods, and Apple QuickTime applications for infringing on four of Burst`s 10 U.S. patents. The Santa Rosa based developer of fast streaming media technologies filed the counterclaim in the San Francisco Federal District Court in response to a suit filed by Apple back in January of this year. Apple sought a declaration that Burst`s patents are invalid and Apple does not infringe on them; Burst’s counterclaim appears to be and either/and/or: Either Apple pay royalty fees for the infringing products and/or an injunction against further infringement. Burst won a settlement in a similar dispute with Microsoft in March 2005 with the PC giant paying Burst $60 million for a non-exclusive license for Burst’s patents. In Burst’s new April 17th filing to the federal district court, it alleges that Apple has infringed on its patents 4,963,995; 5,995,705; 5,057,932 and 5,164,839 that were filed from 1990 to 1992, claiming Apple’s success is crucial on the audio and video-on-demand media delivery solutions. The patents include specific apparatus or methods developed by Burst on improved recorder and transceiver technology with expanded functionality and capability through “analog to digital conversion, signal compression, and intermediate storage in an integrated circuit, random access memory”‘ over either “a compressed or decompressed format over fiber optic lines, conventional phone lines or microwaves”.

From M& C Tech

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