Scottish pirate jailed for three years

April 2006

Record labels, film & television, software

And finally …. running a shop named after the pirate’s skull and crossbone flag (the ‘Jolly Rodger’) might have been a bit of a clue to the police but one of Scotland’s biggest music, film and software pirates has been jailed for three years for selling fake goods – a record sentence. But Martin Reid’s brother Stephen walked free after making a deal with prosecutors. The Jolly Rodger, in Glasgow’s Argyle Street, openly sells pirated copies of albums, computer software and movies. Critics argue Glasgow City Council should not rent one of their properties to a criminal gang. Two years ago Stephen was jailed for five months on similar charges. The shop was raided in August 2005 and thousands of fakes were seized – but it was business as usual soon afterwards. It was raided again in December 2005 and the courts remanded the brothers in custody until trial.–name_page.html

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