Avon and Somerset Police go on a ‘pub crawl’

March 2006

Live concert Industry

Police officers have been visiting pubs and clubs in the Bath area in the early part of February as part of a drive to ensure that venues were complying with the new regulations for licensing and accredited door staff. Officers spoke to door staff to check they were Security Industry Authority- approved and what policy the venue had on drugs and underage alcohol sales. A force spokesman said it was pleased with the results but some needed to review their drugs search policy. Staff were also reminded of their obligations under the Licensing Act. Bar staff could face a maximum fine of £20,000 if they breach licence conditions or be imprisoned for up six months under new regulations introduced as part of the Licensing Act 2003.


And see this link for details of a recent study by Kate O’Brien, a Durham University sociology lecturer, who found that that the percentage of female door staff is rising sharply to deal with violence caused by female binge drinking at nightclubs. O’Brien says that fighting between drunk women can be particularly vicious because they attempt to inflict disfiguring injuries. The British Journal of Sociology is to publish the results of O’Brien’s undercover research when she worked as a security guard in clubs in six cities. Nationally, the proportion of women bouncers has risen from 2% to 11%, according to the Security Industry Authority


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