Local Authorities gain new weapon in fight against fly posting

February 2006

Live Music Industry

In July 2004 London’s Camden Council targeted  two of the majors, Sony and BMG over illegal street flyposting. Sony Music chiefs escaped after promising not to commission any more illegal postering. The executives faced summons on the basis that flyposting has been defined as causing “harassment, alarm or distress” and so could be actioned under the Public Order Act 1986 . Now the Magistrate magazine (January 2006 Vol 62 No 1) reveals that Wolverhampton City Council have been using fixed penalty notices under the 2005 Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act and have issued over 220 to flyposters. One festival alone received 139 fixed penalties for a single event resulting in the promoter paying fines of £6,950.00. The Council reports significantly lower levels of flyposting

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