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Creative, the Singapore based electronics company has threatened to enforce its US patent against Apple – Creative says that the patent is a key part of Apple’s iPod software. Apple has 23 million iPods in the last year and Creative 8 million. Creative applied for a US patent in January 2001 and the patent was awarded in August 2005. The patent governs the mechanism for finding songs on a MP3 player. In a similar action, NTP which holds patents allegedly used in the hand held Blackberry device (which is a mobile phone come computer come e-mailer) has won an interim judgment in the US District Court ( Richmond, Virginia) against BlackBerry’s manufacturer Research In Motion (RIM). RIM had sought to delay the case and (willingly) enforce a $450 million (£260 million) settlement with NTP. NTP are seeking are new resolution including and injunctive relief against RIM to prevent the sale of BlackBerries.

Source The Times 9th December 2005 and