BPI and MCPS-PRS Alliance dispute will go to the Copyright Tribunal

December 2005

Music publishers, record labels

The Copyright Tribunal held a ‘Directions Hearing’ on 9 November which gave the MCPS-PRS Alliance until 2nd December to respond to the BPI-led reference of its Joint Online Licence (JOL). This will set the rate (share / percentage) at which composers are paid for the online sale of their compositions. This was the date originally proposed by the Alliance and the one which the Alliance say their legal teams have been working towards. At the same Hearing, the 3rd October 2006 was set as the earliest date for the full Tribunal Hearing to begin. The Tribunal process freezes the 2005 JOL scheme until either the Tribunal makes a decision or until agreement between the parties is reached. In practice this means the 2005 JOL remains in place for 2006 and until further notice.

eM Magazine issue 22 http://www.mcps-prs-alliance.co.uk/apps/eZine/eM22.htm

Copyright Tribunal http://www.mcps-prs-alliance.co.uk/link/main.asp?pid=4577&sid=834

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