UK Teenager convicted for ‘race hate’ T-shirt

November 2005


Wearing a Cradle of Filth T-shirt emblazoned with the slogan ‘Jesus is a c**t‘ has left a UK teenager with an 80 hour community penalty (unpaid work). The 19 year old teenager, Adam Shepherd, also has to pay £40.00 costs at Weymouth Magistrates Court. Shepherd’s girlfriend was wearing the T-shirt when this was reported by a member of the public. When approached by the police the two teenagers swapped shirts but Shepherd then refused to take of the offending T-shirt. The teenager was convicted under new UK race hate laws. In the punk era Stiff Records had product banned for being offensive (‘if it aint Stiff it aint worth a F**k‘ being one memorable T-shirt slogan) and even the Sex Pistols’ ‘Never Mind The B**locks‘ album was removed from many shop windows after a visit from the local police. (news)

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