Music and film industries launch new software to fight file sharing

October 2005

Software, Films, Record Labels

The IFPI, in conjunction with Motion Picture Association of America, have launched the Digital File Check software to help individuals and companies prevent their computers from being used to illegally file-share copyrighted works online. The software is free and helps users delete P2P software and also ensure that copyright material is not in their shared folders. In addition, the IFPI is sending a copyright guide to IT managers at large companies to help them ensure their machines and networks are not used for file-sharing. The software is available online for free and will also be issued on CD in Denmark, Finland, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and the UK. This finally seems to be a positive move from the record labels who have tended to rely on litigation against file-sharers and P2P operators to ‘solve’ the problem of P2P file sharing. The timing of the initiative is also interesting in light of the growing legal pressure on Congress in the US to investigate how effective colleges and universities’ anti-piracy measures have been.



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