IFPI Publish 12th Recording Industry in Numbers

September 2005

Record Labels

The International Federation of Phonographic Industries has published its 12th annual Recording Industry in Numbers which includes record company market share figures for 2004, and, for the first time shows global revenues from the collection of performance rights, along with data, statistics and trends in 65 countries’ music markets.

Market share: Universal maintains its position as the world’s biggest recording company, with a 25.5% share of the world market. Sony BMG is next with a 21.5% share followed by EMI at 13.4% and Warner at 11.3%. The independent sector holds steady with a 28.4% global share. National and regional market share information is also available.

Performance rights revenues: For the first time, IFPI is publishing revenues to the industry from the public performance of music and music videos. This is an increasing revenue source for record companies as the channels for getting music to the consumer expand. Performance rights collections totalled $US493 million in 2004 – up 4.5% on 2003 and up 19% over the past five years. IFPI estimates that potential revenues from the sector could more than double its current value over the next five years. The figures include licensing income from webcasting and simulcasting as well as traditional radio and TV broadcasting, and public performance revenues from bars, hotels, nightclubs and restaurants.

Accelerated growth in digital sales: 2004 was a landmark year for the growth of digital services. Over 180 legitimate music download services were launched globally in 2004. There are now well over 300 sites in total, with at least 200 in Europe. Music catalogue available on the major services doubled in 2004 to over one million tracks, while subscriber figures now top 2.2 million. Sales of digital music players continue to increase, spurring growth in online music. The launch of 3G services by major operators has given a boost to the download music to mobile market. In addition, sales of physical product over the internet are growing rapidly reaching 15% in Germany, 10% in the UK and 6% in the US. The internet was the fastest-growing retail channel for CD sales in 2004.

Overview of world’s music markets: RIIN provides a comprehensive overview of 65 countries across the world detailing for example: retail patterns, piracy levels, repertoire breakdown, top ten albums and music DVD charts. Music player penetration, per capita sales, sales by age and genre and many more interesting facts and statistics highlight differences between the markets as well as national and regional trends.
Key Global Statistics Trends

* Per capita album sales are higher in the UK than anywhere else in the world – with an average 2.9 albums bought by every man, woman and child in the country every year. Norway is second at 2.7, with the USA third at 2.6

* Well over 100,000 album titles – both new and re-issues – were released in 2004

* The average age of music consumers is increasing. In 1999 music consumers over 30 accounted for less than half of all music sales. Now 55% of music is bought by the over 30s. The world’s ‘oldest consumers’ (% of over 30s) are in: Hungary (73%), Netherlands (73%), Austria (71%) and Germany (69%). ‘Youngest consumers’: Brazil (37%), Mexico (26%) and Japan (30%)

* Singapore has the highest number of CD players per household in the world – at almost four (390%). The USA is next (257%) followed by Hong Kong (212%) and the UK (166%)

* At 94%, US households have more DVD players than anywhere else in the world. The top ten markets for music DVD sales are USA, Japan, Germany, France, UK, Brazil, Netherlands, Canada, Australia and Spain

* Canada has the highest broadband uptake in North America (46%). Denmark has the highest broadband penetration in Europe (44%) and Chile has the highest broadband penetration in Latin America (8%)

* Taiwan has biggest number of mobile phones per household (110%) – at least one for every person in the country. Mobile penetration reached 100% in three other markets in 2004 – Czech Republic, Portugal and Sweden


All data from RIIN 2005: http://www.ifpi.org

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