Nugent claim limited to concert fee and direct loss

May 2005

Artists, Live Music Industry

Ted Nugent has had his claim against the Musekegon Summer Festival limited to the alleged concert fee and direct loss of profit from merchandise after a cancelled show in June 2003. Muskegon Country Circuit Judge Timothy G Hicks refused to allow claims of more than $1 million for future lost income. If Nugent wins his suit, the most that the 56-year-old musician would be eligible to receive is $80,000 plus an estimate of lost merchandising income. Nugent sued the festival in August 2003. He claims his reputation and career were damaged by the cancellation of his June 2003 show and a subsequent news release from the festival that, he says, wrongly accused him of making racist remarks during a live interview on Denver radio station KRFX-FM in May 2003. Nugent’s denies making such remarks. His longtime personal manager, Doug Banker testified this week that he negotiated with festival officials for an $80,000 performance fee for Nugent but there was no signed agreement. Banker said oral agreements were the norm in the concert business.

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