RIAA drops download infringement action against ‘students’

May 2005

Record Labels

The Recording Industry Association of America decided to drop its case against two anonymous individuals identified only by their Internet protocol addresses in a December 16th lawsuit. The case has been dismissed without prejudice meaning the case could be brought up again. The decision comes in response to the University of Pennsylvania announcement that it had been unable to match the IP addresses to any specific users. The addresses are numbers assigned to uniquely identify users but insufficient records made it impossible to match the addresses to a name. The University refused to provide any detailed information regarding its inability to find the two downloaders leading to speculation that it was trying to thwart the RIAA but the University denies such allegations. The lawsuits against students put college administrators in a difficult position, wanting to protect their students but still having to uphold the law. Issues of privacy have also been used to challenge RIAA actions.

See: http://www.dailypennsylvanian.com/vnews/display.v/ART/2005/03/30/424a59cb4c32b

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