French court imposes heavy fine for uploading

March 2005

Record Labels, Music Publishers, Internet

A 28-year-old schoolteacher has been fined €10,200 (approx £7,250) in the biggest legal crackdown to date against file-sharers in France. He was described as one of the biggest serial uploaders in the country, offering an estimated 10,000 tracks for download. The rights holders taking the legal action against him had originally sought €28,400 in compensation. The defendant was ordered by the Tribunal of Pontoise to take out adverts in two newspapers, Liberation and La Parisien detailing the verdict in the case as a deterrent to other uploaders. His Computer was also confiscated. John Kennedy, Chairman and CEO of IFPI said: “We take no pleasure in resorting to lawsuits against illegal file-sharing, but we are encouraged by this French judgement. This sends out a clear message to all those who think they can get away with the illegal mass distribution of music files on a P2P network: you are not immune, you are not anonymous and there are consequences. Music is widely available to buy legitimately online – if you want to avoid the risk of a fine it’s easy, download legally.”

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