New .EU domain names to be available in 2005

December 2004

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The new .eu top level domain names are to be phased into use in 2005 following an agreement reached between the European Commission and EURid, the registry responsible for the new .eu domain name. The first period of registration, the ‘sunrise period’, will allow those with registered trademarks , names of public bodies and territories governed by such bodies the right to apply for the .eu suffix. The application for the domain name must exactly match the name registered or for that which priority registration is claimed and evidence supporting the registration must be provided within 14 days of application. This phase will last for two months probably starting in April or May 2005. After the sunrise period the .eu domain will ‘go live’ and be freely available on a first come first serve basis. Certain names will not be registerable by EURid (eg geographical names and those which are clearly defamatory). Evidence may be adduced to support a registration (such as the name of a company registered with Companies House) but where an application is based on an unregistered right or mark then the onus will be on the applicant to produce evidence supporting the application – brochures, packaging, products, catalogues, advertisements and similar materials. The new rules include a specific policy for resolving disputes which is similar to existing policies adopted by domain name registrars such as Nominet; The complainant will need to show that the domain name in question has been registered in bad faith by a third party with no legitimate interest in the name.

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